Private villas

We work for entire projects for the furnishing of entire private villas.

Art is our strength

Our ability and experience allow us to offer you a complete service that study every single detail. We create lighting products and furnishing pieces like mirrors, console, fountains, and components for the decoration of beds and sofas.
Of great importance is the possibility to choose and customize the realization of your entire precious home. We can find together the best and perfect solution from every point of view, from its beauty to its functional aspect.

We accept all kinds of challenges by designing and creating any type of glass realization

A fundamental example of uniqueness  

We want to offer you a concrete example of our production that contains all the fundamental points of our production, skills and craftsmanship.

One of our customers commissioned us in 2017 to create a particular chandelier. It all started from one of his ideas that he described to us during one of our meetings. We did not have a design or prototype but only a list of essential features that the chandelier had to have once it was finished.

The important dimension of the chandelier (H. 250cm - Diameter 230 cm) together with the chosen style and color should have created an elegant and imposing effect.
Its location was not at all trivial: it had to be positioned in the superb entrance of a large villa. The most delicate part of the matter was the fact that this outdoor chandelier would have been installed in an area of Asia subject to periodic typhoons.
We made the design to make the idea of the model: the shape, the proportions, the composition and the number of elements. We have carefully studied the frame and we have started the creation. The end result was the beautiful Sfera Chandelier with a height of 250 cm and a diameter of 230 cm made up of 48 lights.

At the end of the realization we went on site to perform the assembly and the randomness wanted that in that period a powerful typhoon was expected. Although we were 100% certain of his resistance, this event was the final test of his estate.

This is an important part of our business card for us because it shows concretely that we can really fulfill any request.



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