A perfect and complete furnace

Our creations are original because…
All the phases necessary for the realization of the articles of our production are totally made in the glass workshop. Every single step is essential for creating a perfect and harmonious final product. The artistic inspiration comes every time from different sources.

For us art means creativity, fantasy, innovation and originality. One of the elements which gives a great value to all our creations is to be able to shape our ideas (from the idea to the concrete realization); we develop the creation in our minds and then we concretize it in a glass art work.
We outline the virtual image and then move it into a sketch, drawing the shapes and the aspect of our creations.


We design the composition studying every single detail to give harmony, stability and beauty at the final product. These fundamental details are the glass components and the frame.
Handmade production allow us to guarantee a unique product because it does not use machinery (mass production) and for this reason every single piece/component cannot be identical to another. A quite similar situation concerns the frame; it is designed to give the perfect aspect and balance.

So what will it be the final effect?

The beauty of an art work realized only for you which cannot have identical copies ever. In addition the craftsmanship leaves ample space to creativity and custom made products. We can realize you own lighting product.

All our realizations are unique pieces which have a high artistic value. All of them have the peculiarities and preciousness of the handmade work and Murano craftsmanship.
The opportunity to have a handmade object created by the Artists, realized only for you, represent one of the reasons why we are sure to propose uniqueness, original products that you cannot find in other places.



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