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Modern luxury chandeliers

Modern luxury chandeliers worked exclusively by hand by the master glassmakers of the Rosa family using the techniques of the old Muranese tradition and which in addition offer exclusive moder lighting.
Luxury chandeliers with flames
Chandeliers with flames. Very particular in their shapes and colors. All flames are made strictly by hand with the techniques of working Venetian blown glass and you will not find one the same as the ... more
Luxury chandeliers scultura
The sculpture chandeliers are real works of art that recall traditional sculptures. Shapes and colors are all customizable
Luxury modern original chandeliers
Our modern chandeliers are all rigorously handmade with the Venetian glass blowing method. The shapes take on a more modern connotation and the combination of traditional art and more current forms ma ... more
Floor lamps
Floor lamps differ from other chandeliers for their clean and modern profile.

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